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Gavin Loh
GoTrainer Founder & CEO

At the forefront of the ever-changing fitness landscape, Gavin Loh embodies the modern personal trainer. Focused on achieving fitness results, he eschews the trends that muddle the industry. His diverse portfolio of clientele include professionals, business owners, public figures and celebrities, reflecting his outstanding track record.

The aim of GoTrainer is to bring together the best personal trainers in the fitness industry and make their services more accessible across Singapore. We wish to grow and build the fitness community and serve as a destination for sharing knowledge and experience in time to come.


“Gavin is very professional yet he’s always fun to train with. More importantly, he knows what he’s doing and delivers results! He’s kept me in great shape after my pregnancy and I have to really thank him for that.”

Radio & TV Peronality


“Gavin is funny and easy going but tough on your workout, just what you need from a trainer to keep you motivated!”

Creative Consultant


“I’d never been a “girl who lifts” until I started training with Gavin. My arms are more toned and sculpted, my legs are leaner and my abs are more defined. More than that, I’ve realised that I truly can challenge myself to push harder than before.”



“Being super-busy means I don’t always have time to look after myself so I really appreciated the sessions I had with Gavin, who took time to teach me how to improve my fitness level.”

Emergency Medicine Specialist


“Gavin’s the best guy if you like hard work and intensity because without it you’d end up like 90% of the people I see in my gym (trainers included), looking the same or worse after years of “training”. Since I don’t hire personal trainers to have a chat, he’s perfect for me. ”



“After having my fourth child, I found it hard to get back into working out. Gavin made my workouts varied and fun; never boring. I enjoy going to the gym for my training and got my pre-baby body back in no time! Thanks Gavin for motivating me! ”

Mother of 4


“When I first met Gavin, I had some reservations as he looked young and inexperienced but all that changed when I trained under him. I have been training under Gavin for four years now and must say, I have enjoyed every single session! I feel fitter than ever and my stamina has improved leaps and bounds. He is a very patient, positive and encouraging trainer. His no-nonsense “No-Count” will make you wake up to complete that last rep!”

47, Insurance


“I’ve been training with Gavin for a couple of years now. The sessions are varied which keeps me interested. He’s flexible on timing which helps with unpredictable work requirements. Targets and goals have been achievable and realistic and I’ve learnt a lot.  I could probably find a training partner and go it alone from here, but the truth of the matter is that I still enjoy the sessions. The results from his work are evident and I’m keen to see what more can be achieved through him.”.



“As a degree holder in Exercise & Sports Science, Gavin is able to explain clearly how each exercise helps to strengthen specific muscles and how to avoid injuries. He is willing to listen and plan out a variety of exercises which focus on my areas of key concern. He makes going to the gym a fun affair rather than a boring routine.”

Mother of 2

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