Kickboxing! with GoTrainer

Round 2 – Kickboxing.


‘Kickboxing can’t be that hard since I know a thing or two about Muay Thai’, she says. One of the trainers from trained me today, Cheng Yan. I had read up a little on Cheng Yan; “has worked with people of all fitness levels, from those who have never stepped into a gym” well he’s in for a challenge with me (don’t like gyms remember). I get bored very easily with trainers who either don’t know what they are talking about or have really boring training programs (majored in Sports & Exercise Science, so I kinda know when someone is talking out of his/her a** about exercise and fitness). I have no patience for that. But hey, got to try everything once, plus I made a promise I was going to go for the session. So I did. Met Cheng Yan, very nice friendly guy, asked me if I had any experience in kickboxing, was not going to lie and so I said a little in Muay Thai but I am no expert. We started by skipping and turns out I am terrible at skipping haha!






Cheng Yan was quick to think on his feet to come up with alternative ways to warm up instead of just skipping which proved to be a huge no no for me. What I liked about his session, he had a huge variety of exercises for me. We moved onto other kinds of exercises, we did kicks, and sets and the hour just flew by like that… To think I spent an hour in a corner of an air-conditioned gym, sweated my butt off on different sequence of different forms of punches and kicks, using a medicine ball, and also a swiss ball! I worked my back, my quads, my glutes, my arms and definitely my core.


How do I judge if I had a good work out? Easy! The inability to walk up and down stairs at work for the next 3 days. Verdict? Day 1.. Mehh was not that bad? Little ache, little soreness, nothing to complain about. Day 2, full on DOMS! My back, my quads, my arms, my core, my GLUTES! Everything I said I worked on. Day 3, same thing!




Don’t be fooled by Cheng Yan’s friendly smile and boyish looks. I have had my fair share of angry pms-y, grumpy coaches from school and time always seemed to crawl by; Cheng Yan was quite the opposite. Kickboxing checked and survived! Bring on the next session!

You can check out Cheng Yan’s profile here.