Parkour with GoTrainer Subash! Featuring Sara Wee from 53A

Written by: Leslie Peacock


So! Round 3…! When Gavin told me I was going to do Parkour I was skeptical to say the least. What do I know about parkour, or free running (as it is also known)? But I was told I would be in the safe hands of GoTrainer Subash who has been doing parkour for a few years now, plus I had Sara Wee from 53A joining me today! What started as a hobby for Subash, became more than just something new and fun. He now teaches parkour/calisthenics on top of personal training. Sara is a super flexible yogi who bends in ways I can only imagine, and moves into a hand stand just like that. I, on the other hand, can’t do a handstand or touch my toes and am full of old injuries from when I used to play basketball.


I was told just to wear comfortable clothes, bring a bottle of water and not be afraid of the sun. Checked, checked and are you kidding me? Haha love the sun! Plus, the work out was outside the four walls of a gym. Best part of parkour? It can be done anywhere. “It’s all about learning and respecting your environment”, Subash said. So we used a little spot by the side of Robertson Quay.


We started with some dynamic warm ups; walking on all fours, forward, backwards, sideways. Not easy. We did warm ups that used similar movements in parkour, pull-ups using the walls, balancing on a railing, not on one’s feet but on all fours, like a chameleon. I dare you to just give it a try. Jumping up steps, one at a time to two, to three. And the same way back again (was not expecting that by the way).


Subash was not only patient, but he kept encouraging us and kept pushing us to our limits. The class progressed at a pace that both Sara and I were comfortable with. We had different strengths and Subash took that into consideration and adjusted things accordingly.


We jumped, we climbed, we leaped, everything! Talk about a total body work out!  This was it. Never a dull moment! Try this, now try this and now try that. There was always something new to do and new to challenge ourselves. I mean just have a look at the pictures and you’ll have a rough idea of how the session went.

parkour grpshot2

So what does one have to bring for a parkour class?
A bottle of water, comfy clothes, an open mind, maybe a friend along just for fun and just go with it!!!

You can check out Subash’s profile here.