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Douglas’ Available for Training at:

· Energia Fitness Club (Gym)
30 Merchant Road, Riverside Point #04-11/12, Singapore 058282
· Home Visits


About Douglas Oh

Douglas is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (C.S.C.S.) and holds several speciality fitness certifications. He is also a certified instructor in the following martial arts systems: Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Kali Weaponry and Floro Fighting Systems (FFS). These martial arts systems demonstrate his competency in empty-hand fighting and weapons-based offensive and defensive tactics.

As someone who has pursued various fitness and physical activities, Douglas believes in giving his students the gift of MOVING their bodies better, and not simply breaking them down with a tough workout. As a student of the renowned movement teacher, Ido Portal, as well as under-studying other movement teachers, Douglas provides a holistic and comprehensive education for his students who can be seen performing handstands, strict muscle-ups on rings and one-legged squats with weights.

With a diverse portfolio of clientele from professional to amateur MMA and BJJ competitors, sports athletes, corporate directors, diplomats, librarians and young students, Douglas is often credited as being pivotal in their progress and achievement of their goals (e.g. fat loss, strength gain, fitness skill development, rehabilitation).

As your coach/teacher, Douglas sees himself with the responsibility to deliver accurate, practical and sensible advice on helping you on your personal journey to lead a healthy lifestyle. He seeks to inspire his students to push their limits and take charge of their lives in all domains (physical, social, emotional and psychological). More than just weight loss and/or muscle gain, Douglas wants you to take control of your body, to move well with pride and confidence.


Celebrity Clienteles

· Danielle West (Professional Female MMA Competitor)
· Irshaad Sayed (Professional MMA Competitor)



· 6 years in Martial Arts
· 4 years in Fitness



· Bachelor of Arts (with First Class Honours), Majoring in Psychology and Criminology
· Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) – National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. (NSCA)
· Certified Kettlebell Teacher: Fitness and Movement Dynamics (CKT-FMD Level Two) – International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)
· Certified Kettlebell Teacher (CKT-Level One) – International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF)
· Certified Circular Strength Training (CST) Instructor – RMAX
· Certified Tactical Fitness (TACFIT) Field Instructor – RMAX
· Certified Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Instructor (Senior) by Sifu Mark Stewart
· Certified Sungkite Kali Derecho (SKD Tactical Weaponry) Instructor by Sifu Mark Stewart
· Certified Floro Fighting Systems (FFS) Instructor by Guro Gilbert Chee and Raymond Floro

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1 Session, 15 Sessions


Personal Training: Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training: Muscle Building/Toning, Personal Training: Fat Loss, Personal Training: Calisthenics, Personal Training: HIIT, Personal Training: Rehabilitation, Yoga: Basics, Fight: Boxing, Fight: Kick-boxing / Muay Thai, Fight: Self Defense


Gym ( Energia Fitness, Riverside Point ), Home Visit ( Central ), Home Visit ( East ), Home Visit ( North ), Home Visit ( West )

Day of Week

Weekdays ( Mon-Fri ), Weekends ( Sat-Sun )

Time of Day

Afternoon ( 12pm-5pm ), Early ( <9am ), Morning ( 9am-12pm ), Night ( >5pm )

Session Size

1-on-1 ( 1 pax ), Buddy ( 2 pax )