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Favian Available for Training at:

· Home Visits (Central)
· Home Visits (North)
· GYM (GRIT, Carpenter Street)
· Public Gyms (Central)
· Outdoors (Hong Lim Park)


About Favian

With 10 years of experience in competitive sports and 2 years in coaching, Favian has the ability to translate that into the training sessions of his clients with various fitness goals under his belt. He is committed and empathizes with his clients needs’. Apart from his passion in sports, Favian is Precision Nutrition certified. He practices the principles of proper nutrition and tailors them to individual clients’ needs. He has worked with many amateur MMA fighters with their trainings and nutrition. He possesses the knowledge to improve one’s mobility and flexibility, also the rehabilitation for minor sports injuries.

Favian believes that fitness is for everyone- regardless of weight, sickness and age. He is keen to reach out to individuals who are afraid to embark on a healthier lifestyle due to certain limitations. He understands that it can be daunting for beginners due to a lack of knowledge, confidence or aesthetics to step into a gym. Being a avid practitioner of what he preaches, he emphasises on having a positive mindset while exercising. Favian believes that we adults sometimes forget the joy we had during physical activity as kids and keeps that element of fun in his training sessions.

Favian currently surrounds himself with high level athletes and coaches during his training at Grit and Fight G as he constantly improves his knowledge and skills.

Affiliated Gyms & Organisations

· Fight G MMA Academy
· Grit


·2 Years in fitness industry & 10 Years in various competitive sports,


  • Diploma in Integrated Events And Project Management (Singapore Polytechnic)
  • Diploma in Human Physiology and Human Anatomy (AMEDD Center And School)
  • Nutrition And Physical Activity for Health (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1
  • Training For Warriors Level 1
  • Certified Muay Thai Instructor Under International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (IFMA)



  • Ultimate Beatdown Kickboxing Bantamweight Champion.
  • Multiple-time podium finishes in basketball competitions.
  • Multiple-time winner in inter-varsity track events.



  • Ultimate Beatdown 2015
  • Multiple Inter-varsity Soccer Competitions Under Clubs and School (2006-2014)
  • Multiple Inter-varsity Basketball Competitions Under Clubs and School(2006-2014)
  • Multiple Inter-varsity Track & Field Competitions Under Clubs and School(2006-2014)


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Session Qty

1 Session, 15 Sessions, 30 Sessions


Peronsal Training: TRX, Personal Training: Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training: Fat Loss, Personal Training: HIIT, Fight: Boxing, Fight: MMA, Fight: Kick-boxing / Muay Thai


Gym ( Central Area ), Gym (GRIT, Carpenter Street), Outdoor ( Hong Lim park ), Home Visit ( Central ), Home Visit ( North )

Day of Week

Weekdays ( Mon-Fri ), Weekends ( Sat-Sun )

Time of Day

Afternoon ( 12pm-5pm ), Early ( <9am ), Morning ( 9am-12pm ), Night ( >5pm )

Session Size

1-on-1 ( 1 pax ), Buddy ( 2 pax )